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When it comes to what’s best for your baby, we know that the right choice is always gentle. Buy the best baby care products in Kenya only at Pharmart Galleria Chemist. 

Featured Categories

Some of our most bought baby care products.

Baby Milk


Infant milk is a nutritionally complete formula suitable from birth onward, if your baby is not being breastfed or if you are combination feeding. Discover a great selection of Baby Formula at the best prices.

Baby Skin Care

Skin Care

Baby’s skin is far more sensitive than ours, which means everyday skin care products aren’t safe for newborns and toddlers.  Discover the best Baby Skin Care that source high-quality, natural ingredients and use innovative formulations to ensure the products are safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby Accessories


We make it easy to find special products right for you such as Baby Gear, Baby Grooming Kit, Baby Monitors, Baby Pillows, Baby Scale, Bath Accessories, Bedding Sets, Bib, Birthing Ball, etc.

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